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Welcome to Cycle Suspension!

Your bike is an amazing piece of machinery, at Cycle Suspension we build your suspension to fit you, your riding ability and your style of riding. 


A properly tuned suspension can make the difference between a poor performance on the track or street and an awesome performance.  No matter what your riding style is we can make a difference in the way your bike responds and handles. 

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About Us

Joe and LJ Rafael have over 50 combined years of racing experience with an array of titles in motocross and  cross country racing organizations.  They have the knowledge to get your bike tuned right for you and your style of riding.  Joe provides trackside support and services at his shop in Haslet, TX.  See the difference Cycle Suspension can make. 

Contact Us

12016 Tall Grass Trail

Haslet, TX 76052

Tel: 817--832-2410

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